Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nucci Joins Nephilim Hero Team

Who could ever forget one of the most famous card games ever played on film which landed the handsome and sultry, Danny Nucci character, Fabrizio, a spot onboard Titanic? The ship sank, but that was not the case with Nucci’s dynamic career. He has worked with many of the most acclaimed directors on indie and studio pics including Tony Scott and Oliver Stone. The highly regarded and 5 time nominated actor will step into the role of Dante when the Nephilim cameras roll in September.

Director, Danny Wilson, confirmed that, “The addition of Mr. Nucci to the hero’s team will be an asset to the cast.” Wisconsin residents are sure to be on “Nucci” watch as the production moves around the state. Who knows, there may even be an official photo or autograph opportunity.