Thursday, October 30, 2008

Presenting At Oconto Falls High School Film & Media Class

Presenting to a film and media class at Oconto Falls, Danny Wilson, Nephilim creator and director, responds to the question, "What inspires your creative thoughts?"

Students preparing to produce their own film trailers were part of a workshop presented by Danny Wilson and Producer, Susan Moses. The workshop was organized by Michelle Hammond, who graduated from Oconto Falls in 1995. Hammond currently works withe the production team at Green Bay's Pulse Studios.

Video footage provided by Ami Irmen

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lawrence Hosts Nephilim

Danny Wilson (Director/Writer), Susan Moses (Producer), Huyen Thi (Actress) and Cyndee Sweetland (Art Director) were hosted at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI by the student-run film society on Monday, October 20. The group presented a panel discussion covering topics ranging from the process of developing a project from idea to screen, how Nephilim was specifically developed, the actor’s process and readying for a role, and how the art department interacts with other creative departments. Students were given the opportunity to ask questions directing the discussion in ways that would benefit them the most.

After the forum, students gathered for a chance to speak directly to Wilson, Moses, Thi and Sweetland, and to sign up to be an extra for the film or express interest in an internship opportunity.

Future visits include the University of WI – Green Bay and Oconto Falls High School next week.

Nephilim Comics Sign New Colorist

Her real name, stage name and given name is Siya – like ‘see yah later’. (“I’ve heard that since elementary school.”) Drawing since as long as she can remember, Siya started with pencil and paper, but eventually moved on to painting first with tempra, then acrylics and oils. Eventually, she found her way to digital coloring. “My life is art,” she says. “Everything I do revolves around it.”

Siya, 27, has already accomplished more than most will in their lifetime – including starting two companies, Hyro Comis and Hyrogliphix, Inc. “[The name] was thought up by my younger brother, my dreams rolled into one ball of a name. My fascination with the Egyptian culture and the meaning behind it: pictures that tell stories, history, art.” She is a fulltime Illustrator, Comic Book Artist, Web Developer, Designer and, most recently, a concept artist for video games. “This is my first year in the game industry, so this year has been hectic and very exciting. My projects vary from month to month, from comics to concept design to short animation.”

“The first comic book I was featured in is ‘Grimm Fairy Tales Annual. More to come,” she says.

More to come indeed – Siya was recently hired as the new colorist for the Nephilim Comic Book Series. “In fifth grade, I picked up my first X-Men comic. The artist [was] Jim Lee. My dream then was to draw comic.” And she got that chance. After entering her work to get critique at a comic book show, she was given an opportunity with Witchblade, her favorite comic book at the time. She got what she wanted, but soon realized she wasn’t quite ready. “I thought I was good enough. I don’t want to be good enough.”

With scholarships and working her way through college, Siya received her degree in Digital Design and pursued her career as a comic artist. You will be able to see Siya’s work starting with the fifth issue of the Nephilim Comic Series. If you just can’t wait, you can also see previous work on her website at or by visiting her myspace page at

Get'em While They're Hot!!!!

People are asking about where they can purchase the Nephilim Comics. A local Green Bay comic store has been given a limited supply for advanced sale.

2300 S Oneida St
Green Bay, WI 54304
(920) 884-8483

Nephilim creator, Danny Wilson, can often be found there on Wednesdays after the 1pm shipment of new comics arrives.

Dave and Keith Powers, two brothers who opened up Powers Comics & Collectibles at the end of March 2007. We've both been comic book and action figure fans since we were wee ones.

Did we say, autographing comics?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

UWGB Hosts Nephilim

Monday, October 13, 2008

Wilson and Moses Lecture in Wisconsin

Danny Wilson (Director) and Susan Moses (Producer) were invited guest lecturers at Fox Valley Lutheran High School in Appleton, Wisconsin on Friday, October 10th. Moses and Wilson presented to the Digital Communications and Graphics Arts Classes on the process of film development, production and distribution. Their presentations included graphic arts slides and models of sets as examples of the relevance between these areas of study and the film process.

Several students gathered for personal one on one time with Mr. Wilson seen above and with Huyen Thi who also attended the day’s activities. Ms. Thi (seen in the forefront) is the female lead of the film Nephilim, currently prepping in Wisconsin. Students seen in the photo are Kolyssa Von Deylen, Michelle Flunker, Abbey Olsen, Kelsey Reidenbach, and Janae Chang.

Wilson and Moses have booked other lectures at University and College campuses throughout the state. For details please contact Bob Parker 920 857 9927.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Moses & Wilson To Tour Campuses


Hollywood Producer/Director Team Bring Film Basics To Wisconsin Classrooms

(October 6, 2008 – Green Bay, Wisconsin) While many Wisconsinites are aware of the recent feature film Public Enemies staring Johnny Depp, perhaps some are not aware of why the State has suddenly become a location consideration for Hollywood production companies.

Thanks to a new tax break incentive for movies filming in Wisconsin, in addition to a screening deal with Marcus Theatres, the State is witnessing the birth of a new industry. Billions of dollars are invested in production each year by studio and independent productions. There is a sense of competition between states for a significant piece of the business and Wisconsin has aggressively worked to attract some of this industry into the state.

With Nephilim based in Green Bay, Susan Moses (Producer) and Danny Wilson (Director, Writer) are currently in pre-production for the $5.2 million sci-fantasy, action film, set to begin filming before the end of the year. Before Nephilim’s cameras roll Moses and Wilson will be visiting high schools and colleges in the State, hosting seminars and panel discussions to answer questions pertaining to what the tax break means to the State’s commerce, why Wisconsin is a viable option, and what opportunities there are for students to become involved.

Wilson states, “I know from first hand experience that enabling students to make a connection between classroom information and the practical world as early as possible provides a good environment for motivating them to learn. I created Nephilim based on the concept of a franchise which includes a complete comic book series, film trilogy, action figures and video game. There is huge potential for other spin offs which will naturally develop as certain characters achieve their followings.” Wilson has worked with a variety of seasoned and emerging artists to create the graphics and concept art. He is continually looking for new talent to add to his team.

Continuing their tour of campus visits will be a full day at Fox Valley Lutheran on Friday, October 10th were they will present film making from development to post production, writing, directing and producing as well as the business and graphic design elements to completing the process. Moses, a Fox Valley Lutheran alum, states, “Having taught actors, middle-school English and at a University film school, making the connection to students is something I appreciate and take seriously. There is an insatiable curiosity about film, which is a good hook for students to latch onto. Teaching students to plan, develop and execute their plans is a process they can apply to other mediums and industries beyond film. I look forward to working with students of all ages wherever time and circumstances permit me to do so.”

On Oct 27, they will visit the UW – Green Bay campus for a panel discussion, graphic novel signing and extras casting session. Joining Wilson and Moses at some of the campuses will be Art Director Cynthia Sweetland and lead actress Huyen Thi.

If you are interested in having this program visit your school or campus, please email:
Call Bob Parker (920) 857-9927