Thursday, July 31, 2008

07-31-08 Notes From Jay Schillinger

Wow, it’s Thursday. I thought it was still Tuesday. The days (and nights) seem to be running together. The great news is, things are really coming together nicely. Locations are falling into place, crews are being assembled and, just as importantly, Danny told me that our entire (LA) cast has been locked down. Good news for sure! The exciting thing – for me at least – is that we will definitely need to cast/fill many roles locally. These range from some very juicy roles to extras. We’re certainly going to see Wisconsin’s best and most talented actors in this film.

A funny story – which Susan actually mentions on your blog – is the fact that while Susan and I were talking – Susan in LA and me in Wisconsin – there was an earthquake (in LA). I shouted to everyone we were with, “Hey, LA’s having an earthquake – Susan’s going through it right now!” I don’t think some people believedme. However, after we hung up (and Susan reassuring me she was alright), all the TV’s broke to the quake footage. For the record, there’s about a 3 ½ minute lapse between when an earthquake actually happens and Fox News reports on it. Not bad. Luckily, it didn’t do much damage and we’re still on track!

We’re beginning to line up local press coverage so everyone in Wisconsin – if they don’t know about Nephilim yet – will for sure in the next couple days!