Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nephilim Villians At Rare Gathering in Hollywood

The main villains gathered at the internationally famous Flavor Of India restaurant in Hollywood for a pre-filming meeting with the director, Danny Wilson and producer, Susan Moses. The cast took away notes and character secrets not revealed in the script in preparation of filming in September.

Seen in the photo are, Noah Blake (James), “G” Anthony Joseph (Senator Harden), Gulshan Grover (Azazel, Ryan “Rhino” Michaels (Beshwa) and Ina-Alice Kopp (Semyaza). Mr. Grover flew from his film set in South Africa to join the LA meetings and Miss Kopp took time away from her European television series to meet with her fellow cast members before departing for Iceland where she will be filming until she returns to the United States in early September.