Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nucci Joins Nephilim Hero Team

Who could ever forget one of the most famous card games ever played on film which landed the handsome and sultry, Danny Nucci character, Fabrizio, a spot onboard Titanic? The ship sank, but that was not the case with Nucci’s dynamic career. He has worked with many of the most acclaimed directors on indie and studio pics including Tony Scott and Oliver Stone. The highly regarded and 5 time nominated actor will step into the role of Dante when the Nephilim cameras roll in September.

Director, Danny Wilson, confirmed that, “The addition of Mr. Nucci to the hero’s team will be an asset to the cast.” Wisconsin residents are sure to be on “Nucci” watch as the production moves around the state. Who knows, there may even be an official photo or autograph opportunity.

07-31-08 Notes From Jay Schillinger

Wow, it’s Thursday. I thought it was still Tuesday. The days (and nights) seem to be running together. The great news is, things are really coming together nicely. Locations are falling into place, crews are being assembled and, just as importantly, Danny told me that our entire (LA) cast has been locked down. Good news for sure! The exciting thing – for me at least – is that we will definitely need to cast/fill many roles locally. These range from some very juicy roles to extras. We’re certainly going to see Wisconsin’s best and most talented actors in this film.

A funny story – which Susan actually mentions on your blog – is the fact that while Susan and I were talking – Susan in LA and me in Wisconsin – there was an earthquake (in LA). I shouted to everyone we were with, “Hey, LA’s having an earthquake – Susan’s going through it right now!” I don’t think some people believedme. However, after we hung up (and Susan reassuring me she was alright), all the TV’s broke to the quake footage. For the record, there’s about a 3 ½ minute lapse between when an earthquake actually happens and Fox News reports on it. Not bad. Luckily, it didn’t do much damage and we’re still on track!

We’re beginning to line up local press coverage so everyone in Wisconsin – if they don’t know about Nephilim yet – will for sure in the next couple days!


"Days of Our Lives" cast member Yuval David (www. YuvalDavid. Com) has joined the cast of Nephilim in the role of Angel Gabriel. On Days, he plays the quirky Frenchman, George, the love interest of Melanie. Yuval can also be seen broadcasting behind the scenes quirky moments from the Beijing Olympics.

He is fluent in several languages, a dialect master, martial arts practitioner, and down right cute as can be.

In addition to turning heads when he enters the room, his personality is infectious and engaging.

Seeking The Best of Wisconsin Parkour

Do you Parkour? Parkour (sometimes abbreviated to PK) or l'art du dĂ©placement (the art of displacement) is an activity with the aim of moving from one point to another as efficiently and quickly as possible, using principally the abilities of the human body. It is meant to help one overcome obstacles, which can be anything in the surrounding environment—from branches and rocks to rails and concrete walls—Parkour practitioners are referred to as traceurs, or traceuses for females.

We are open for submissions from the best of Wisconsin Parkour's

Male Age 18+ but can look 16 - BLUE eyes, slender but strong build

Male Age 30+ BLUE eyes, slender but strong build

Please submit your VIDEO audition to:

Pulse Studios
211 N Broadway
Green Bay, Wisconsin 54303
ATTENTION - Nephilim Parkour

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not Even An Earthquake Can Stop Us

As I ran down the agenda for the conference call from my LA office to the Pulse team prepping the film, Jay Schillinger and I were discussion various camera package options,

Stunt rigging gear and crewing up with Wisconsin hires, I stopped mid-sentence because everything around me was shaking violently.

Jay asked, “Are you there. Susan, is everything ……” I responded, “Earthquake, we are having an earthquake.” He passed the news to everyone in the room. And I said, “It’s still going, the darn thing is still shaking. “ It seemed to go on for an inordinate amount of time.

I have been through many quakes. Usually they last for a few seconds. A jolt or a few hard rocks, but today’s quake was long and rolling waves. However, we had work to do, so I returned to the phone call and the business of making decisions about the best way to create a fantastic film.

Undaunted by the quake, we carry on, looking forward to working with so many talented and incredible people who share a common passion and vision for movies.

Susan Moses, Producer

7-28-08 Notes From Jay Schillinger

Monday, July 28th: The morning began with some good news. Over the weekend our director (Danny Wilson), UPM (Michelle Hammond) and Crew member Peyton Myrick (who might just be the funniest man I know) found a very important location for our movie – a night club. In the script it’s called The Black Dove. And it’s important because we shoot there for almost an entire week. Well, these poor three had to hit all the Green Bay bars over the weekend to find just the right one. Apparently, once Danny set foot in this top secret location (in downtown Green Bay), he knew it was the one. And the owner (I’ll get his name shortly) was more than amenable. Which is great! And we’ll also be using an apartment right above for another scene! The rest of day consisted of setting up our production offices (fax machines, copiers, phone lines, etc.) and meetings. I’m off tomorrow to scout out a few more locations. You can almost feel the energy rising daily, can’t you? Oh, one more thing. It’s really great to see all the people coming into Pulse (daily) to sign on for extras and/or crew members. Not that I’m surprised – as I knew the city would embrace this film – it’s just great to see. Until tomorrow…

Monday, July 28, 2008

Hiring Local Crew & Cast

We are in the process of completing our Wisconsin crew hires and it is our goal to bring on as many local hires as possible. All interested crew can email a resume to: Jay Schillinger c/o

For cast and other crew information, check us out on

Day player and extra casting will begin very soon. Please check our Blog often for updates and casting director information.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nephilim Villians At Rare Gathering in Hollywood

The main villains gathered at the internationally famous Flavor Of India restaurant in Hollywood for a pre-filming meeting with the director, Danny Wilson and producer, Susan Moses. The cast took away notes and character secrets not revealed in the script in preparation of filming in September.

Seen in the photo are, Noah Blake (James), “G” Anthony Joseph (Senator Harden), Gulshan Grover (Azazel, Ryan “Rhino” Michaels (Beshwa) and Ina-Alice Kopp (Semyaza). Mr. Grover flew from his film set in South Africa to join the LA meetings and Miss Kopp took time away from her European television series to meet with her fellow cast members before departing for Iceland where she will be filming until she returns to the United States in early September.

Friday, July 25, 2008

7-25-08 Notes From Jay Schillinger

46 days until camera are rolling. Seems like a long time; but I'm coveting each one of them as we're still in the process of securing locations, locking down crew and equipment, and most importantly, budgeting. I love every minute of it!

As word of Nephilim spreads, people are contacting us from all over the country to help out. It's great to see the enthusiasm people have for films. And Nephilim isn't going to disappoint. Personally, I can't wait to see Danny's vision come to life! That's it for this Friday from Green Bay,
Wisconsin. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Let The Music Be Heard All 'Round The World

World renowned and acclaimed composure, Mesha Segal has signed on to compose the musical score for Nephilim. Born in Haifa, Israel, weaned on jazz (thanks to his father, a boxing referee and jazz enthusiast, friend of Louis Armstrong), and raised in Tel Aviv, music called Misha from an early age. Yet, it wasn't until after his compulsory military service that he got his first piano and the opportunity to pursue music in earnest.

After studying music with Israel's foremost composers—Paul Ben-Haim, Noam Sherrif and Isaac Sadai—as well as film and philosophy at Tel Aviv University, Misha apprenticed under 20th century master composer Dieter Schöhnbach in Germany; studied composition and conducting at the Guildhall School of music in London; then graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Starting out, Misha was especially influenced by jazz, Elton John and The Beatles. His interpretation and application of these and other western music influences to the Israeli cultural scene—as arranger, composer, songwriter, producer and recording artist—was vital in the redefinition of popular, theatre and film music, garnering numerous #1 hits. Furthermore, his classically-styled compositions were performed by the Israel Philharmonic and the Israel Chamber Ensemble. All this occurred over a very short 5 years, yet the impact was so great, Misha is considered one of the leading figures in Israeli culture today. He continues to do projects in Israel, working with new and established artists as well as in theatre.

Misha also enjoyed a successful career in New York, writing, arranging, orchestrating and producing for such artists as Luther Vandross, Maynard Ferguson, Phyllis Hyman and Dave Grusin.

Upon moving to Los Angeles, he signed with Motown as a composer/songwriter, writing for their artists and scoring Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon .

Misha has created, composed and conducted scores in many different styles for a variety of feature films including The Phantom of the Opera, which received wide critical acclaim for its originality and scope as well as the all time favorite kids' movie, The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking. Also to his credit are numerous works for the small screen, which earned him an Emmy award and an Emmy nomination. His work with up-and-coming film directors has encompassed everything from short films (Paul Ratner's King and Angel in the Rain featuring music available on Misha's Female CD) to the feature-length Un Secreto de Esperanza, Mexican diva Katy Jurado's last movie.

As a recording artist, Misha's first CD, Zambooka, was endorsed by Quincy Jones and Bob James and featured legendary artists Chick Corea and Freddy Hubbard. His next CD, Connected to the Unexpected, was picked up by over 200 college stations and enjoyed heavy rotation on the top NAC stations across the country. Don't Say It's Over, produced and co-written by Misha, features vocalist Randy Crawford. This CD spent three weeks at No. 1 on the NAC charts.

His latest solo release, the Red, White & Blue 'Female' CD package, is a 3-CD piano collection of mostly improvised original music and cherished, familiar love songs. The style is described by fans as a cross between Chopin's Nocturnes and a laid back Keith Jarrett. Female is the core of Misha's Beauty Found in Unlikely Places concert series. The concerts and the music were inspired by his mother, a woman with an unbreakable spirit who died after a 6-year battle with lung cancer on Mother's Day 2001. Through these concerts, associated media interviews and Public Service Announcements, he forwards his mission of educating the public on lung cancer awareness issues and raising the quality of life of those fighting the biggest battle of theirs.

When Misha isn't making music, he's listening to it while cooking up a storm and sampling fine wines from around the world. He also enjoys flying single engine planes.

7-24-08 Notes from Jay Schillinger

Thursday, July 24, 2008: Well today was just another “normal” day in the life of pre-production. “Normal” being the operative word. But in the crazy world that is film production, normal is a good word. Today, we signed our line-producer. A big step. And even bigger since he’s a Green Bay resident. Thad Roentiz. Like me, Thad lived in LA for many years but returned home to be closer to his roots and family. Thad’s a good guy and we’re all looking forward to working with him on Nephilim. Yesterday, Danny Wilson (the director), Michelle Hammond (the UPM) and I drove to Milwaukee to secure a couple locations as well as hire our Set Designer – David Krummel. David just finished working on the Johnny Depp movie “Public Enemies.” He’s a real pro and like Thad, a Wisconsin resident. Welcome aboard David! So all is moving along nicely as the pieces are falling in place as they should.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is just another “normal” day…

Jay Schillinger

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nephilim Casts International Star As Father Markus

Hunky, David Charvet, who rose to international fame on the hit shows "Baywatch" and "Melrose Place," has joined the cast of Nephilim in the leading role of Father Markus.

Charvet launched his acting career on the world's most watched show of its time, "Baywatch," in which he developed a strong international following playing lifeguard 'Matt Brody' for three seasons. He continued to expand his fan base with his role of 'Craig Field' for two seasons on "Melrose Place." He also starred in NBC's highly-rated telefilm "Seduced and Betrayed" and the ABC movies-of-the week "Derby" and "Angel Flight Down." He also starred in the independent feature "Meet Prince Charming," with Drea de Matteo.

As a Universal Music recording artist, Charvet spent five years in Europe, where he released three successful pop rock albums, as part of his five album deal with Universal Music Group France. He has sold over 2.5 million albums to date, with three of his singles ("Leap of Faith," "Should I Leave" and "The Tears in My Eyes") charting in the Top 10.

Charvet has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia, performing for packed arenas, writing music and experiencing new cultures. He has collaborated with top songwriters such as Ty Lacy (who wrote Leanne Rimes' single "I Need You"), and he has also worked with Robbie Williams' producer Steve Power. Charvet has recorded a duet with Bryan Adams, and he also worked on a duet with Seal.

Although his music career has taken center stage in recent years, Charvet has always sought new creative challenges. He has now returned to the United States where he is happy to be back to his first love of acting. "Music has helped me to evolve tremendously as an artist and has enriched me personally in so many ways," he offers. "I left America a boy and have come back a man."

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Huyen Thi Returns To Fight Again

The petite, Vietnamese, action star, Huyen Thi will again step into the role of Sue Lynn when the Nephilim cameras role in September. Huyen played the character in the Nephilim prequel, Darkest Days. Her power resolve and determination to bring the strong female role to the screen convinced the director that she would be the perfect choice for the entire Nephilim trilogy.

Huyen was been working on martial arts training and character development in preparation of returning to the role. She will arrive in Green Bay in late July to continue her preparations on location and to work on weapons handling and fight scene choreography.

“I am looking forward to working with all of the amazing actors who are playing key roles in the film. In particular, I am excited to work with Mr. Grover who has over 400 films to his credit. He has a wonderful sense of humor and great work ethic.”

World Famous Bollywood Star Cast In Nephilim

Hollywood and international actors are preparing for filming in Wisconsin.

He may have lost the challenge to play the villain to James Bond in Casino Royale, but Bollywood's ace villain Gulshan Grover never gave up. Gulshan's character is the leading villain Azazel.

"I was zapped when they approached me. But when I met them in LA and after they explained the concept to me, I was game for it," says Gulshan, during a recent pre-production trip to Los Angeles.

Keeping in mind Gulshan' s physical features , various artists worked on the artwork for the comic to create the powerful Azazel. Susan Moses, Producer said "We decided to cast Gulshan because he has a universal demographic appeal. We wanted to introduce a powerful Indian character and he was the best choice. He's also a known name in the Western market."

Monday, July 21, 2008

Prepare For the Battles

Father Markus

Sue Lynn In Action

Lights, Action, Camera - Ready to Roll

Wisconsin Captures Nephilim – State Prepares”

(Green Bay, WI – 4 July, 2008) Wisconsin residents should prepare to see Nephilim giants, purple robed Generals and numerous other strange beings at summer’s end. By early September movie cameras will roll and the sci-fi, action thriller, Nephilim, based on the original comic book series, will begin filming in various locations around the State. Last year, Los Angeles based film producer and former Appleton, Wisconsin native, Susan Moses, traveled with creator/director Danny Wilson to multiple locations in Eastern Europe to scout for the perfect locations and best production values. They were ready to commit to filming in Bulgaria before the US dollar fell to all time lows against the Euro and rising air travel costs added to the production’s bottom line. The pair met with various location managers and film commissioners at the Locations Expo in Los Angeles last spring and realized that with individual US state subsidies in place, films can realize substantial savings if shot under the auspice of local production services companies who are able to tap into the local, talented crew bases.

After learning from the representatives from Wisconsin, who attended the Locations Expo, that Nephilim was exploring options, Jay Schillinger, President of Pulse Studios in Green Bay, WI found the film’s website and contacted the team to discuss Wisconsin as an alternative. According to Schillinger, “I knew it was a long shot opportunity for Wisconsin, but I also knew that if my company and others would step up to support the film, we could realistically compete for the business.” After months of budgeting reviews and location scouting photo exchanges, Danny Wilson, Susan Moses and the DP, Bernd Heinl flew into Green Bay and Milwaukee to personally explore Wisconsin’s ability to capture the film’s business. Within a week of being introduced to various government officials, prospective location owners and Scott Robb of the Film Wisconsin office, Schillinger was able to convince the team and the deal was closed. Wilson, Moses and Heinl will open up their production offices by late July to complete the pre-production activities. Filming will begin in early September.

Having grown up in Wisconsin Moses knew that the state had been settled by German, Polish and Flemish populations which meant that there would be practical locations similar to the Bulgarian architecture scouted for the film last year. For the DP, Bernd Heinl, Wisconsin was also not an unfamiliar location. Heinl was the cinematographer on Milwaukee Minnesota shot in Wisconsin in 2003. Heinl was eager to confirm Wisconsin as a viable alternative to Bulgaria, “I knew that Milwaukee had many beautiful older structures, a wonderful river system and numerous other locations to support the film’s look,” Heinl told Scott Robb during the recent location scout.

Finding the perfect locations and infrastructure were tasks requiring specific research and deep digging. Nephilim is the brain child of creator Danny Wilson who began working on the film which is a part of a trilogy and an original comic book series before he graduated from film school. Wilson told the Pulse research team, “The characters, color schemes, various locations and story line have all been established within the 1st twelve issues of the comic book. I have to be true to the comics so that I do not disappoint the loyal fans.” Wilson has been spending time between his North Carolina home and Los Angeles for over two years while he and Ms. Moses have readied the project for production.

Unlike large studio films, Nephilim will rely heavily on local crews, talent and the state’s film and production infrastructure. Cameras, lighting and electrical equipment will be rented locally in addition to other goods and service purchases which will infuse fresh capital into the local economies.

The film’s lead and supporting actors are from Los Angeles, Italy, Austria, Viet Nam, Israel, Trinidad, India, and the UK; however, many important speaking roles and hundreds of day players and extras will be hired from the rich pool of local talent.

For additional information please contact:

Jay Schillinger, President Pulse Studios