Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not Even An Earthquake Can Stop Us

As I ran down the agenda for the conference call from my LA office to the Pulse team prepping the film, Jay Schillinger and I were discussion various camera package options,

Stunt rigging gear and crewing up with Wisconsin hires, I stopped mid-sentence because everything around me was shaking violently.

Jay asked, “Are you there. Susan, is everything ……” I responded, “Earthquake, we are having an earthquake.” He passed the news to everyone in the room. And I said, “It’s still going, the darn thing is still shaking. “ It seemed to go on for an inordinate amount of time.

I have been through many quakes. Usually they last for a few seconds. A jolt or a few hard rocks, but today’s quake was long and rolling waves. However, we had work to do, so I returned to the phone call and the business of making decisions about the best way to create a fantastic film.

Undaunted by the quake, we carry on, looking forward to working with so many talented and incredible people who share a common passion and vision for movies.

Susan Moses, Producer