Friday, August 1, 2008

Who Is Semyaza?

Austrian born ingénue, Ina-Alice Kopp, learned of Nephilim through her European agent. Her curiosity was peeked when she researched the story and characters on the film’s website where she learned that the producer and director were searching for the perfect, Semyaza.

Ina holds degrees in Economics & Sinology , is fluent in Chinese, is a classically trained pianist and avid equestrian. Hard work and research are familiar to her. After several days of scouring the Internet and making phones calls across the Atlantic she was convinced that if she could meet the director, he would see, what she knew in her soul, that she was the perfect Semyaza.

Through European connections to a manager in Los Angeles who was quite familiar with Nephilim Ina found a link to the project. The manager contacted the producer, to inquire about a possible meeting between Ina and the director. With the meeting arranged at a Beverly Hills bistro, Ina boarded a plane in Austria determined to convince everyone that she was right for the role.

Between the second cup of coffee and dessert, it was very clear to everyone that Ina’s hunch held great prospect. She made it through the 1st meeting and the director agreed to hear her audition the following day.

“I could see the passion in her eyes immediately. It was clear that she wanted the role. She had a great look, and excellent training. But what convinced me of her complete passion for the project and the role, was the extent of her research into the Nephilim, my background, the YouTube interviews about the project.”, according to Danny Wilson.

The polyglot did a screen test, demonstrated her athletic prowess and discussed her experience with hanging from wires in a stunt harness. Within a week of arriving in Los Angeles on her speculative venture, she had secured the role and an American manager.

After a short time in the US, and armed with Nephilim comic books, character breakdowns and notes from the director, she headed back to Austria, her television series and a previous commitment in another feature film. But she promised that her focus would not leave Nephilim or her preparations for the challenges of playing Semyaza.

Ina will return to the US on September 2nd, when she will join the rest of the cast for the beginning of an amazing adventure.

Ina-Alice Kopp is Semyaza.