Friday, August 8, 2008

While Danny Wilson spent 4 days in LA this week meeting with the LA cast, (David Charvet, Danny Nucci, Hayley Marie Norman, John Savage, Noah Blake, G Anthony Joseph and Ryan “Rhino” Michaels), costume designer (Swinda Reichelt) , CGI/VFX company “Pixomondo”, SFX and Make up Department Head (Danielle Saunders and DRAC Studios), DP (Bernd Heinl) and Producer (Susan Moses) things moved ahead all full speed at the base camp production office in Green Bay.

All departments are currently hiring.

Local casting will begin within a week.

Locations are being locked.

Sets are being developed and prepped.

Stunt Coordinator, Gary Morgan and Fight Choreographer, James Lew are planning to audition stunt team members within a few weeks.

Comic book fans have saved August 22nd for the Nephilim Comic Book and Movie promotional party in Green Bay and the phones are ringing off the hook with inquiries and information requests.

Who said that Wisconsin only produces cheese? Mid-west movie magic is happening every day.