Saturday, August 9, 2008

Nephilim DP Arrives in Green Bay

Bernd Heinl returned to Wisconsin on Friday to prepare for his 2nd film in neighborhoods which are very familiar to him. He was the DP on Milwaukee Minnesota which was done in 2003 with director Allan Mindel. Today he is walking new locations for the action film Nephilim.

Heinl began his long career behind the camera in Munich Germany where he some of his early credits include The Outsider and Maiden’s War. Although he keeps a residence in Santa Monica, CA, Bernd Heinl has traveled the world with producers and directors working on features and television shows.

Nephilim is the 3rd film Heinl will be doing with Producer, Susan Moses, and the 1st with director, Danny Wilson. The trio have considered dozens of locations and have spent months working on storyboards, production planning and location scouting.

As Heinl stepped off the plane in Green Bay, he said, “Now we are counting down the days until the cameras role.” Don’t be surprised to see Mr. Heinl standing across from a tall building or in a park studying the sun and shadows as he makes his final notes for lighting and camera angles.