Monday, October 13, 2008

Wilson and Moses Lecture in Wisconsin

Danny Wilson (Director) and Susan Moses (Producer) were invited guest lecturers at Fox Valley Lutheran High School in Appleton, Wisconsin on Friday, October 10th. Moses and Wilson presented to the Digital Communications and Graphics Arts Classes on the process of film development, production and distribution. Their presentations included graphic arts slides and models of sets as examples of the relevance between these areas of study and the film process.

Several students gathered for personal one on one time with Mr. Wilson seen above and with Huyen Thi who also attended the day’s activities. Ms. Thi (seen in the forefront) is the female lead of the film Nephilim, currently prepping in Wisconsin. Students seen in the photo are Kolyssa Von Deylen, Michelle Flunker, Abbey Olsen, Kelsey Reidenbach, and Janae Chang.

Wilson and Moses have booked other lectures at University and College campuses throughout the state. For details please contact Bob Parker 920 857 9927.