Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nephilim Comics Sign New Colorist

Her real name, stage name and given name is Siya – like ‘see yah later’. (“I’ve heard that since elementary school.”) Drawing since as long as she can remember, Siya started with pencil and paper, but eventually moved on to painting first with tempra, then acrylics and oils. Eventually, she found her way to digital coloring. “My life is art,” she says. “Everything I do revolves around it.”

Siya, 27, has already accomplished more than most will in their lifetime – including starting two companies, Hyro Comis and Hyrogliphix, Inc. “[The name] was thought up by my younger brother, my dreams rolled into one ball of a name. My fascination with the Egyptian culture and the meaning behind it: pictures that tell stories, history, art.” She is a fulltime Illustrator, Comic Book Artist, Web Developer, Designer and, most recently, a concept artist for video games. “This is my first year in the game industry, so this year has been hectic and very exciting. My projects vary from month to month, from comics to concept design to short animation.”

“The first comic book I was featured in is ‘Grimm Fairy Tales Annual. More to come,” she says.

More to come indeed – Siya was recently hired as the new colorist for the Nephilim Comic Book Series. “In fifth grade, I picked up my first X-Men comic. The artist [was] Jim Lee. My dream then was to draw comic.” And she got that chance. After entering her work to get critique at a comic book show, she was given an opportunity with Witchblade, her favorite comic book at the time. She got what she wanted, but soon realized she wasn’t quite ready. “I thought I was good enough. I don’t want to be good enough.”

With scholarships and working her way through college, Siya received her degree in Digital Design and pursued her career as a comic artist. You will be able to see Siya’s work starting with the fifth issue of the Nephilim Comic Series. If you just can’t wait, you can also see previous work on her website at www.siyanimation.com or by visiting her myspace page at www.myspace.com/siya.